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Raising Awareness, Advocacy & Fundraising Events UK.

Since 2015, RBB has been involved in hosting events to raise awareness on the situation for refugees and asylum seekers as well as funds for aid and distributions on the ground in refugee camps.

This includes fundraising dinners, fayres, educational talks at schools and for different community groups, market stalls and bucket collections.


This is an adjunct to our advocacy work on social media and an important aspect of our communications strategy for raising awareness and advocacy, as well as promoting positive social changes in the world we live in. 

If you would like further information on this, would like one of the members of RBB to speak at one of your events or support in the facilitation of an event please get in contact.

market stall.JPG

Jane Elizabeth Hetherington and Rhian Planchant host a market stall selling hand made craft items to raise awareness and funds for RBB.

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