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Refugee Biriyani & Bananas

Dignified and Equitable Provision of Urgent Humanitarian Aid for Displaced People Worldwide

Humanitarian Aid - Whatever it Takes!

Current Base & Main Project

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What We Do

We support vulnerable people worldwide residing in refugee/displaced peoples camps, squats or other unstable settlements and acute crisis zones. We provide the following support:


  • Emergency aid and basic necessities.

  • Volunteers on the ground. 

  • Mass aid distributions in a fair, equitable and dignified manner.

  • Individualised care and support as needed for general well being. 

  • Morale boosting activities. 

  • Opportunities to participate in aid sorting and distribution as well as decision making in what provisions are needed. 

  • Advocacy for people facing displacement, including those incarcerated.


The provision of emergency aid and basic necessities can include food, water, shelter, medical supplies, clothes, shoes, season specific aid (i.e. sunscreen in the summer or firewood in the winter), baby products and hygiene packs. 


We assess needs and communicate with our supported populations to identify priority gaps. We remain mobile, pivoting to meet the most urgent needs and staying until the situation is stable.


Where applicable we will raise funds to buy aid on the ground, supporting the local economy. Otherwise we send containers of aid filled with collected and bought aid from the UK, if deemed that this is more cost efficient for specific aid distribution goals. We also share aid with other organisations to maximise the support we can collectively provide in all aspects of aid work from the starting process to the end. More information on our partnerships, ongoing work and news from the ground can be viewed in section Diary: A Humanitarian Crisis.  


Ultimately, it will always be our mission to raise awareness about the global displaced peoples crisis. We tell their collective stories and aim to garner increased financial and governmental support, and promote positive social changes in our world.

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Where We Help


As Coronavirus Reaches Vial Refugee Camp, People are Trapped in Squalor with NO Protection

2020 has seen the approximately 5000 asylum seekers we are supporting on the Greek Island of Chios (Our Base) go from one trauma to another as human rights are further violated.

In the midst of a global Coronavirus Pandemic we are talking about a camp where there is a lack or running water and thus desperate people began to dig water wells in the ground.

Whilst channel crossings to the UK are making headlines and our politicians are considering heavy reinforcements to keep asylum seekers out of our countries, we are talking about a camp three times over its capacity where thousands of people, including children and babies are living in tents and make shift shelters crammed together making social distancing impossible. 

Nobody puts themselves, let alone their children on a boat unless the sea is safer than the land. 

We still don't seem to get that people would not be taking these perilous journeys if they had any other choice. 


Whilst there have been restrictions and limitations on the people from camp themselves acquiring masks, soap, gloves; and the authorities have failed to adequately supply this we are talking about people living in a camp filled with squalor and rubbish that can only be a breeding ground for any viruses and disease, with no means to protect themselves. 

Sadly, grassroots organisations and small NGO's have also been restricted by the authorities from providing as much humanitarian aid as we usually would have, as Vial camp was put under an unfair confinement, citing COVID-19 measures as a reason whilst Greece accepted tourists and people outside of the camp were not. 

Whilst we struggled to provide humanitarian aid, people from Vial were unable to come to  the town to access vital services and asylum procedures have been severely delayed.

Summer has bought its own set of struggles as people are burning in their living quarters and with a lack of provided drinking water people further dehydrate. Not to mention this season brings out snakes, scorpions, mosquitoes as well as rats among the squalor and stagnant water, which led to children being hospitalised for dangerous bites over the previous months.


We have left a highly vulnerable population trapped in a filth ridden, refugee camp not suitable for human beings, where a deadly virus has now reached. How long before someone dies?

Team RBB are still here full time on the Greek Island of Chios and we are still helping with urgent aid and basic necessities within any window of opportunity we are provided with. Please consider making a donation to support our work. 

Chios 19.JPG
Chios 17.JPG

In the same time period as water supplies in camp were cut and desperate people dug wells to extract water from the ground, a nine month old baby  who sleeps in a tent was bitten by a snake needing urgent care in hospital.

vial rubbish.JPG
vial rubbish 2.JPG

Thousands of vulnerable people are forced to reside among squalor and disease in the midst of a Coronavirus pandemic, leaving people with little protection in a breeding ground for any viruses..

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